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I bought my first SLR at 15. My camera collection has grown to about 100 beauties since. I prefer to call them industrial-electronic art, not clutter.

Over the last four years at St. Joseph’s Health Care London, I’ve been developing photo and video content published on our social media platforms, web sites, internal communications and external publications including magazines, billboards and Dream Lottery advertising.

​Jobs I've done that aren’t on my resume include Tim Horton donut baker, fashion photographer, tape room jockey, tour guide, video production coordinator and free fall stuntwoman. I learned a lot from all of them. Okay, just kidding about the stunts. I don’t even jump to conclusions without a safety harness.


camera operator-4.png

If you appeared on TV news in London between 2001 and 2016, chances are I was on the other side of the lens recording you at least once. I loved it. I still love shooting video. Thank you to so many for sharing your story.

In the end, our stories are what matter. Here’s how I can tell yours.


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